Willow System International In August

Rita Harrison
The Willow System was developed by
Rita Harrison
(HPpt) to help enlighten people to their "Potential For Healing" by Optimizing health, relationships, spirituality and career

"With education, demonstration, and example I provide training, seminars, and sessions in order to bring forth shifts and changes in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. I use an integrative method that enables people to be the best that they can be."

Rita Harrison
Author | Teacher | Speaker

Podcast Nr.24

The Ask Rita Show

How can you heal the unknown with kinesiology?

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Podcast Nr.23

The Ask Rita Show

Why Do Most Women Hate To Sit Still To Meditate?

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What Are The Kundalini, Chakras & A Higher State Of Consciousness?

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Rita Harrison
October 3 - 4, 2015 LONG BEACH CA

The Path Of The Healed Woman

"Make your own path. The well trodden path is not always the right path." Unknown

Come and join Rita Harrison on the continuing journey to The Healed Woman.

In this weekend seminar she will give you the first 6 steps on The Path . . .

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Podcast Nr.21

The Ask Rita Show

How To Heal By O-Ring Testing The Monkey Principal

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The Healed Woman

Special Seminar Sundays
Know Yourself - Love Yourself!
August 9, 2015 Long Beach CA

Know Thyself - Love Thyself!

How to tap into the essence of your soul to love yourself and forgive others.

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Podcast Nr.20

The Ask Rita Show

New Ways To Naturally Help Heal Psoriasis and Allergies

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