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Rita & Willow Testimonials

Rita & Willow Testimonials:

"Personal stories about finding happiness, relationships & personal freedom on all levels"
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rita harrison

Testimonials & Experiences
Willow: rita harrison

Rita Harrison

Founder & CEO of Willow System International: Developer of The Willow System Treatment


"Rita's skill and intuition gets you further in one session than anything else I have experienced. She is extremely comfortable to work with, and though she is a master in her field, she is a sincere and humble person who values all aspects of every client she works with."
Quantum Institute for Holistic Health
"If you feel hindered by trauma; family of origin issues; physical or emotional pain or fatigue; if you want to feel lighter, freer, more authentic and more powerful; if your life is good and you're ready for it to be great - I urge you, come and meet Rita. "
Mary McDonald Lewis
Screen Actors Guild
"From my personal experience, I found that The Willow System was able to quickly assess issues, get to root causes, and effect personal change within one session."
Dr. Judy Daniels
Professor, Honolulu, HI

More Testimonials

"In The Willow System I learned various forms of the O Ring Test. This allowed me to quickly determine what direction to take, to access a higher consciousness, and effect change."
Dr. Melissa Yee
"Rita is the founder and practitioner of the Willow System healing modality and has assisted many individuals in the community through private practice, workshops, and seminars in Hawaii and internationally. She has had profound results through the Willow System methods and has trained other professionals in the community, who are interested in promoting optimum health and helping others suffering from psychological and physical pain. She is a consummate professional and I would recommend her to others without reservation."
Ann Dorado
Counselor, Leeward Community College
"I have experienced first hand the depth of Rita's healing work. Love youself, you deserve it. I have faith that you will feel differently after spending time with Rita. Rita you are awesome! Gift to the world. Love you. "
Myriam Haynal  
"Utilizing the family constellation was not only interesting, but lifted a lot of weight I've been feeling since my dad passed away over 27 years ago."
Aloha Selina
"I felt immediately comfortable with Rita as I walked through the door. She was able to accurately diagnose through muscle testing what I needed to work on from a deeper spiritual level."
Lani Severa
"She gives not just knowledge but she gives her own heart as well."
Sergio Mitrotti
Shaman, Owner of the Cafe Sistina HI
"I always feel things and then I don't really trust myself. This helped me to double check my intuition, get a confirmation and develop trust in a very deep way."
Rita L.
Art Student
"Rita creates a safe place for you to heal the hurt, the pain of today, yesterday and all of your past and that of your ancestors. So you can go forward with a clear heart full of love."
Char Ravelo
Publisher of Inspiration Journal and United World Magazine
"Rita is one of the best coaches I have ever observed at work. She has a natural ability to zoom in on the issues at the core and to bring clients to fast insight. I recommend her highly for profound, guided work."
Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen Ph.D.
Life-Change Coach
"In search of a change that would contribute to a happier life, a friend told me about The Willow System. I've learned how to break through the vicious circle of misery and suffering in order to achieve a successful, healthy and happy life."
Sylvia Hecker  
"For the first time I got the feeling that I am understood. This helps me to understand myself and stop putting myself down!"
Brenda C.
"Whether you are looking for relief from pain, a chronic illness, emotional distress, or dysfunctional patterns of relational conflict Rita's Willow System may offer something beneficial for you. I highly recommend her work..."
Joan Levy
"Rita is very intuitive, sensitive, caring and professional! I was pretty amazed at how Rita had helped me re-aligned and re-balance my body....feeling more energized, uplifted, and clearer as a result. Rita has provided that bridge between different practices to bring about healing in a simple way that I never thought was possible! Can't find a solution to your problems? You can be sure to find it in the Willow System!"
Shirley Chang
"This woman changed my life. (Rita Harrison)"
Dana Ouimette
Tax Professional
"Rita is a multi-faceted holistic health professional with techniques addressing the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual components necessary for healing. She has developed the Willow System out of her many studies and years of practice and I highly recommend her work - as a practitioner and as a trainer/educator. She is also a delight to be with!"
Joan Levy
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"This is amazing! I feel so relieved and so much lighter."
Sheila Z.
House Wife
"Since I've talked to you I feel so confirmed and encouraged to make a change. It's good to know what I should change and what I can leave the way it was."
Tim G.
"After a 4 year search for the appropriate assistance for my complaints, I discovered The Willow System on the internet. Since then I’m a new person."
Doris Wössner  
"For many years, I have been privileged to be exposed to many healing modalities. However, I consider yours to be one of the best. The insights I received through your work with my Family Dynamics were astounding."
Shanti Diamond  
"This session has definitely impacted my life in very deep ways - Thanks again for all your wisdom and love!"
Catalina Galeano
Works at DJM Capital Partners
"I think of you often and I am forever grateful for the pieces you helped me recover. I am a changed woman...much love to you."
Myriam Haynal
"Rita is dedicated to helping others make positive paradigm shifts in their inner being and she is successful at doing so!"
Jackie Mast
Healing The Healers
"The love Rita brings to a therapeutic relationship creates a healing atmosphere which, through the skillful use of kinesiology combined with a highly developed intuition, allows for a return to wholeness within the individual."
Richard Diamond
Inspiration Journal and the Kaua'i MuseLetter
"That was an exciting journey through my body and it gave me a lot of clarity and insights that I never thought about before."
Ramona W.
Physical Therapist
"What an experience. Being willing to open up, trust the process and all the possibilities, I see a lot more layers of reality!"
Carl C.
Banking Associate
"An eye opener! Rita's Willow fills in the gaps that other practitioners don't have the answers for..."
Cornelia M.
Human Resources
"I have gained an insight and a perspective that I never had before, and I am so clear now."
Robert S.
"At first I thought that I didn't need the rejuvenation because I didn't fear aging or death. But then I knew why I was there: I wanted to improve my health!"
Garrett S.

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