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Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships:

"How to Heal Painful Relationships & Turn Them Into Ones That Invigorate You"
Family & Relationships
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Willow: relationships

Don't Loose Yourself In Your Relationships
Get Invigorated By Them...

  • Do you feel stuck, insecure, lonely, burdened, disconnected, or even frightened at the thought of a relationship?
  • Do you want to stop unhealthy & hurtful dynamics with your friends, Co-Workers, parents, children, or partner?

Most of the challenges in relationships are deeply rooted like weeds in the energy field of the system we're in (Family, Friends, Love, Workplace, Business etc.), & are very often triggered by the baggage we carry that we're not aware of.

The Willow System is designed to pull these weeds out by the roots.

When you're not aligned, or centered you will find it extremely difficult to connect, falling into the same old patterns over and over again – regardless of how much experience, therapy or coaching you've had.

Most people draw the wrong conclusions and finally say things like:

  • I've already had the love of my life, I don't think I'll be that happy again
  • I'm not built to have a happy relationship
  • I'm better off alone

Frustration, isolation, sadness, anger, feelings of self-doubt, guilt and shame seem to be their most constant and reliable partners.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Working together & without having to dig up the past, we will identify exactly where the roots of those exhausting & hurtful patterns are & change the isolating & confusing dynamics into clarity, understanding, freedom, love & connected independence.

"Let's pull the emotional weeds out by the roots so you can feel loved, seen and heard."
Rita Harrison

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Because we live in an ever shrinking world, sessions are not just available in our office in California.

Due to the wonderful advances in communication technology such as Skype, Hangout, FaceTime & not forgetting the humble, but still powerful telephone you can get all the benefits of The Willow System in the privacy of your own home.

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How to Invigorate Your Relationships. Heal & Personal Growth

Respect & intimacy are the foundation for a loving relationships & is reflected in all aspects of togetherness: physical, emotional & spiritual

The Willow System › is here to promote open access to a European style of holistic healthcare.

Since 1986 Rita Harrison › has been providing worldwide this highly sustainable treatment for people with busy lifestyles.

We want you to have the freedom to heal anywhere you feel safe & secure!

Because your healing is our priority...

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