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Let's Go Thinkabout

366 Questions for Health and Healing through Personal Growth / Self-Growth. All The Questions YOU should be asking YOURSELF

366 Questions for Healing Through Personal Growth

Self-Growth By Asking The Right Questions: Once A Day & Every Day

You might have been told that change is hard work, but really, all you have to do is be honest with yourself.

With this book, it's not even time consuming. It only takes around 5 minutes, once a day.

Not a lot of investment to change the way you see yourself, the way others see you, find your true place in life and personal growth.

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  • You're Smarter Than You Think
  • Braver Than You Believe
  • Stronger Than You Seem
Let Rita Harrison show you how to use this information to:
  • Grow & heal
  • feel happier
  • & Be more successful

How It Works

Rita has writen 366 systemic dialoguing questions that will change the way you think.
  • They will free you from habitual thinking patterns that no longer serve you.
  • They will empower you to maximize your potential.
  • They will help you realize goals from both a personal and professional perspective.
Best of all...
There are no wrong answers to the questions in this book.
"Old habits die hard and in my opinion, taking it a day at a time helps the brain to think better!" -Rita Harrison
When used daily Rita Harrison's inspirational and motivational ideas will unlock unbelievable possibilities for personal expansion, loving & fulfilling relationships, while experiencing less stress, and therefore, better health.

Let's Go Thinkabout

A Daily Access To Your Inner Truth

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For Only $4.95


Day One

If you committed to loving yourself no matter what! What part of you would be transformed immediately?

Day Two

Supposing you were already the best that you can be! How would everybody see the difference?

Day Three

If you were convinced that you will achieve all your goals easily and with joy! Which parts of your personality would you have to throw out and which parts would you build up and strengthen?
Let's Go Thinkabout a ebook by Rita Harrison


"I've learned how to break through the vicious circle of misery and suffering in order to achieve a successful, healthy and happy life."  -Sylvia Hecker Practitioner
"What an experience." -Mr. C. Banking Associate
"An eye opener!" -Mrs. M. Human Resources

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366 Questions for Healing Through Personal Growth -1 A Day 366 Questions for Healing Through Personal Growth -1 A Day 366 Questions for Healing Through Personal Growth -1 A Day
Let's Go Thinkabout

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