Ancestral Alignment

How To Connect With The
Power Of Our Ancestral Roots

A Guided Meditation By Rita Harrison

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The Ancestral Alignment Program

Discover the elation and then the powerful sense of calm that comes from the realization that living a good life is the best way to honor our Ancestors.

They suffered so we wouldn't have to.

We all know that we have inherited our eye color, our dimples, smile and athleticism from our parents and their parents and so on. But what many don’t realize is that we inherit belief systems and behavior patterns from them too.

Willow's Ancestral Alignment Program works with individuals that want to understand and use the power of their ancestors to enhance their lives at the deepest level.

This guided meditation is an introduction to The Willow System’s Ancestral Alignment Program

For more information about Rita Harrison’s Full Ancestral Alignment Program Call Toll Free The Willow Team on
(800) 790-6140 now!

Live like your ancestors have given you a free pass to all the joys of life, because they did. -RITA HARRISON

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