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Love & Self-forgiveness

Imagine you had the potential to create a space inside you that makes forgiveness unnecessary, where you can know yourself and love yourself, where you feel your very soul...... Show More


One-on-One Assisted Empowerment Coaching For Self-Forgiveness! In this class we'll transform The Judge Within into an advocate that supports you in your journey to a wonderful...... Show More

Real Love For You

In this class you'll find hidden dynamics that make you feel undeserving and Real Love that overcomes it all, using your chakras (energy centers), mind and emotional maturity tools.... Show More

Mystical Willow

In this personal & professional development training you will learn to access the body’s ability to retrieve the truth of our soul for yourself, friends and family.... Show More

Break Free & Move On

This Empowerment Kit is for people who want to leave fear, shame, doubt, or feelings of guilt behind. Make your dynamic shift sustainable.... Show More

Too Much Emotional baggage?

How to escape the perfection trap, get your Special Someone and how to make a true love connection when you have baggage of your own.... Show More

Recognizing Manipulation & Abuse

How To Recognize Mobbing, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Abuse and Manipulation: Plus what you can do about it...... Show More

Mastering Emotional Pain

Simple tips on how to master the pain of your emotions and get mastery over emotional pain.... Show More

How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

In this one on one (1:1) empowerment class, you'll explore self-help tools that connect you with our physicality so that you can enjoy life more. Go Beyond Dieting...... Show More

Belly Fat Detox

5 Steps To Stay Effortlessly Healthy, Young and In Shape. If you feel like no matter what you do, that Belly Fat doesn’t seem to want to disappear, then this is just right for you.... Show More

Ascension for Grounded People

Letting Go, Moving On And Enjoy Your Life Right Now. . . Personal Coaching Class by Rita Harrison... Show More

Unlocking The Power Of Self-Healing

For everyone who wants to understand the bigger holistic picture of what makes us sick, and how to take appropriate action and sickness prevention.... Show More

Finding The Good Life Way

One on one (1:1) empowerment to protect and strengthen yourself. Dealing with difficult people that challenge your patience. Stop anxiety, stress and panic attacks.... Show More

Master Difficult People & Situations

Discover how to recognize hidden manipulation, to protect yourself effectively and learn to take back control. ... Show More

You Are Your Intentions

Powerful Rituals For Truly Fulfilling Experiences. Part 1 is Intention Boot Camp and 2 How to use your soul family and spiritual guides resources. Self-Empowerment Coaching...... Show More

Time To Let Go & Re-Create

Connect with yourself again, by re-evaluating your life and craft new plans for the future. Your world awaits another voice, the voice of your soul.... Show More

Finding A Balance In Love

Learn how to protect yourself from overdoing it in your personal relationships, and avoid disappointment, frustration and resentment by create a healthy love balance.... Show More

Healing Addictive Behavior

Successfully get to know the deeper subconscious root causes of addictive behavior so you can rewrite your own story.... Show More

Creativity & Self-Expression

How To Transform The Fear Of Success Into Creativity and Self-Expression... Show More

Empowering Kids Of All Ages

A Willow System Original Empowerment Kit By Rita Harrison. By learning how to empower the children around you, you and your Inner Child will feel empowered too.... Show More

Healing Relationships

How to heal a painful relationship (Love, Family, Friends, or in the Workplace) and turn it into one that invigorates you and is reflected in all aspects of your togetherness...... Show More

Discover How Fearless You Are

You Have Everything Inside You To Transform Fear Into Peace Of Mind And Appropriate Action... Show More

Going Up - Getting Life Unstuck

If you feel stuck in your life, be it in your business, relationships, or the achievement of your goals, this self-development class is just what you need right now...... Show More

Love@ First Contact

The 3 Secrets To Creating Real Love and Lasting Connections. For people that hate dating, but still wants the courage to connect.... Show More

Be You

Believe in Yourself, understand and explore, your very own self-access, with Love, Inspiration and empowerment.... Show More

Making Peace With Your Family

This Empowerment kit is the most powerful key you'll find to gain access to self-love, personal and professional success in life. Come and find true inner freedom...... Show More

Being Pure Feminine

Using the power of The Girl, Mother and Wise Woman inside you to bring out the best of being feminine.... Show More

Start A Relationship Revolution

Awaken To Your Full Potential Of What's Possible In Your Relationships No Matter If You're Single And Need A Change Or If You're In A Relationship That Needs An Upgrade... Show More

Personal Space Protection

Protect yourself from manipulation by your partner, family, colleagues, friends, etc. and learn how to keep your personal space clear in just 3 powerful empowering steps.... Show More

Demystify The Journey Of Your Soul

In this class you'll learn how to connect with your soul and in turn open the doors wide to receive guidance from your highest wisdom and inner strength...... Show More


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