Family, Group and System Dynamics Training

Vulnerability. Authenticity. Dialogue.

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Stop The Drama

Supply Balance to Families or Businesses

There’s an elephant in the room in most families, doctors or coaches offices, companies and organizations, something that no one likes to talk about. It’s why certain problems mysteriously come up over and over again, such as: frustrating and inappropriate behavior; power struggles; people who feel constantly victimized. All can be very damaging to any group.

Up until now, nothing has really worked, and here’s why: Every system has its own dynamics not usually visible to the group’s members. These dynamics influence everyone’s choices and actions and undermine how successful a family or organization can be.

Therefore Rita Harrison has developed this exclusive training, where you’ll discover Group, System and Family Dynamics Methodology that very effectively tackles these recurring problems, integrating the potential of vulnerability, authenticity and dialogue.

The aforementioned tools will help anyone working to get to the root of these challenges, thereby promoting powerful positive interactions, awareness and success.


  • Learn that people are always better than the roles they think you have to play.
  • Show people how it's better to be open and inspired by others, while being an inspiration yourself.


  • Teach people that liberation comes from learning that everyone deserves to be respected for who they are.
  • Master boosting confidence, motivation and creativity by rewarding truthfulness.


  • Create powerful collaboration through honest and authentic connections and dialogues.
  • Increase successful teamwork by eliminating drama and establishing solid communication.

Family, Group and
System Dynamics Training

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