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Because you're special and multi-faceted, you deserve to receive customized and all-encompassing guidance that includes all that you are. When you are ready for positive change we'll provide you with the most direct and efficient assisted self-healing, knowledge and tools that you'll wish you'd had years ago.

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Willow System, Us & You

Welcome to a modality that optimizes health, relationships, spirituality and career, that creates self-empowering shifts and changes in your body, mind and soul.... Show More

Invite Healing Into Your Home

Get unstuck and release negative self-sabotage, self-destructive patterns and emotional pain. Also you can heal at home for stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and frustration... Show More

Family & Relationship Healing

When you feel like repeating certain unwanted patterns over and over again, there is a way out for good... Show More

Do You Have The Time to Go For Treatment?

Didn't think so... That's why we at Willow System International work with you over Skype, Facetime, Hangout etc. or on the phone...... Show More

New times need new modalities

If you have tension, exhaustion, anxiety, pain, lack of concentration, or are having sleep, or weight problems. It's your body's response to stress...... Show More

Cognitive Empowerment

We can help you heal if you're feeling lost, or caught up in negativity. Let's start now, it's that easy... Show More

Emotional Mastery & Mindfulness

Find lots of secrets to developing emotional mastery. Mindfulness plays a major role in you and your partner remaining empathically engaged with one another...... Show More

Natural Alternative Healing

More people are turning to alternative health. So here are lots of links to promote the increasing acceptance of natural health and complementary forms of healing...... Show More

When To Book Some Remote Healing

If you're suffering from emotional pain, stress, fear, anxiety, frustration, spiritual challenges, or self-sabotage, don't delay... Reserve Your Right To Healing...... Show More

The Body Organization

This is a 3 step treatment that puts your body back in alignment. It offers solutions for pain, anxiety, tension, stress, weight gain, hormone imbalances and loss of libido...... Show More

Articles, Testimonials,Texts & Stories

For people who want to know what other people have to say about Rita Harrison ptHP and her Willow System... Show More

How Distance Healing Works

Powerful healing tools to connect you remotely at the deepest level. Healing for emotional health, better relationships, or profound spiritual transformation and insight.... Show More

Healing Energy & Emotional Harmonization

The Willow System treatment has comprehensive harmonization techniques to heal anxiety, worries, fear, panic, insecurity and sleeping disorders...... Show More

Working On The Body

Pages related to The Willow System Body Organization. A pain free, non addictive treatment by Rita Harrison (HPpt) a German Government Registered Naturopath and Keynote Speaker... Show More

Family & Relationship Healing

Feeling stuck, or frustrated in your family, or in your relationship? Fortunately there's plenty we can do together and here's a list of powerful possibilities...... Show More

Healing & Completion

How to find the empowerment to pursue your life purpose & soul mission. Find Your Passion Now...... Show More

Emotional Detox

Emotional Detoxification is this simple. To stop experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, frustration, panic and/or anger, read on here and see just how easy it can be...... Show More

Healing Focus & Clarity

Cleanse your trust issues and get sustainable clarity by breaking free of lifelong negative belief and behavioral patterns.... Show More

Why Try Remote Assisted Self-Healing?

1) You can heal in the security of your own home, if you have emotional, or spiritual pain. 2) Your practitioner can help give voice to silenced frozen feelings.... Show More

Feeling Hurt?

How To Make Forgiveness Unnecessary by healing life's hidden hurts...... Show More

Give A Gift That Lasts

For mindful people that find joy in giving something extraordinary to that special person that deserves to be empowered.... Show More

Healing The Mind Symptoms List

Panic Attacks, Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, Social Anxiety, OCD, Learning Disabilities, Insomnia, Grief, Anorexia and many more...... Show More

Inspirational Group Events

Get fired up and motivated by Rita Harrison's life-changing lectures, seminars, workshops and retreats to become the best you can be...... Show More

Personal & Professional Success

Links to help you get back to basics and revisit your goals, because this is still the most effective way to clarify our vision and achieve qualified success...... Show More

Soul Healing Symptom List

Some of the symptoms treatable with The Willow System are anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, self-limitation, self-sabotage, feelings of isolation, past-life traumas and more...... Show More

Special Events For Self-Care, Healing & Personal Growth

For people who are looking for rapid positive change that is profound, doable and beyond mediocre...... Show More

Spiritual Alignment

To understand your self, your needs and your path in life, find your life purpose, soul's purpose and/or mission. It's easier than you think with a free discovery session...... Show More


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